The Power Of Synergy

Centuries ago, within the rural interiors of China, there was a Buddhist monastery. This monastery housed 99 monks, who were led by a Head Monk. These monks led a life of seclusion, chastity and penance. They sustained themselves by seeking food as alms from people in the neighbouring villages. Other than food, another basic necessity is drinking water. There […]

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Does Coaching Work?

“What are your thoughts on your blind spots and what do you plan to do about it?” probed a gentleman with a powerful voice. He was my Executive Coach and the other person who was asked this question point blank was me. Although this question framed as a statement had been conveyed to me in the past by my […]

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Walk The Talk Or Talk The Walk?

In a sales driven organisation with which I was working, I had come across a very special and extremely successful leader. He was not my boss. However, was a peer to my boss, leading another team managing a different product. The reasons as to why I found him unique were: 1.Equality: I observed that he treated each person in […]

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