Is Your Resume – ATS Compliant?

Just having a professionally structured and visually appealing Resume is not sufficient these days. It is also important that your Resume is ATS or Application Tracking System compliant.

Why should your Resume be ATS compliant?

There are 2 key reasons for this:

1.Automated Process: Gone are the days when Resumes of applicants to a role were manually scrutinized to ascertain the match with the job description. Due to many aspects of the hiring process now being automated, the algorithms embedded within the ATS identify the right profile match or the closest to it from hundreds or thousands of applicants. 

2.Universal Adoption: ATS is not only utilized by job websites. It is also a part of the hiring process of top organisations, executive search firms and recruitment consultants. Across levels, be it senior, middle or junior and on a global scale, the ATS has been seamlessly integrated within the onerous process of identifying the right talent.

How could you ensure that your Resume is ATS compliant?

A Resume could be transformed to become ATS compliant through:

1.Quantitative Data: Include a good volume of quantitative data within your Resume. In most cases, the algorithm is highly favorable to Resumes with numbers or metrics mentioned.

2.Strength Words: The inclusion of strength words which have a correlation to the role for which you are applying for, can be of value-addition. Examples could be “cross-functional leader” for someone in general management, “result-oriented & target-driven” for a sales professional and “eye for detail” for an individual in finance. 

3.Tools: You could utilize online websites such as Jobscan and Resunate to check the ATS compatibility of your current Resume and work towards making it more robust.

4.Professional Help: Specialists such as Resume Writers and organisations offering career services such as Eclatmax, could also support you with ATS compatibility. The advantage of seeking professional support is high customization and deep personalization. Your Resume would be re-modeled in a superlative manner, that in addition to ATS compliance, it would become highly impactful and impressive.

Not having an ATS compatible Resume can turn out to be a chink in one’s armour and may lead to one losing out on excellent job opportunities. Hence, it would be critical to have an ATS compliant Resume within one’s arsenal, while pursuing a job change or a career transition.

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